Redefining Communications with Jenni Field

Chaos to calm: Staying focused S1 E3

October 13, 2021

Welcome to this episode of Redefining Comms with Jenni Field.

This episode is all about being busy, staying focussed and productivity. Join Jenni as she shares some
research around how our brains work and how knowing this will help us manage our time and
attention as well as our boundaries with others.

Find out how to use timers, what eat the frog means and why none of us can multi task!

Things that will help you go from chaos to calm:

Power of productivity workshop:

The Power of Productivity Workshop – Redefining Communications: productivity-workshop/


Busy: How to thrive in a world of too much by Tony Crabbe


The Field Model™ - Redefining Communications


Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

To keep the conversation going connect with Jenni on LinkedIn and Twitter; ask questions and share
your thinking!


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